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                Social service

                In recent years, College of Engineering has made great progress in social service. Based on the technology advantage in ocean engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering and so on, CoE provided much technology service, technology consultation for government and companies. The research support funding exceeded 200 million Yuan.

                The technology service work includes that

                (1) Physical model experiment for Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center, offshore platform of Shengli oil field;

                (2) Environment evaluation of sea and harbor;

                (3) Testing and identification of Civil structure quality, energy saving testing and evaluation, earthquake disaster evaluation

                (4) Develop strategy cooperation relationship between CoE and government, companies and other organizations and carry out cooperation on research, technology service and talent training.


                                                                         Department of Ocean Engineering

                Research Institute of Coastal and Offshore Engineering (RICOE) of Ocean University of China is founded in 2001. The research of RICOE covers environment analysis and forecast for coastal and offshore structures, scour prediction and protection of coastal and offshore engineering, damage detection and safety assessment for offshore structures, and coupled dynamic analysis of platform/risers/mooring system and so on.

                Focused on the frontiers of offshore engineering, RICOE has finished more than 100 national, provincial research projects and engineering projects, including 863(the National High Technology Research and Development Program of China), 973(the National Basic Research Program of China), NSFC Major
                International Joint Research Project and NSFC Key Project etc. Members of RICOE have published more than 200 publications on international and national well-known journals, obtained more than 10 patents for invention and software copyrights in recent years. RICOE has won more than 10 awards, including Two prizes of national science and Technology Progress Award.

                RICOE owns a number
                ofanalysis software, e.g. ANSYS, for large structural calculation, SESAM, for hydrodynamic analysis of floating body, Flow3D, a computational fluid dynamics(CFD) software, ADINA, mainly used for fluid-structure interaction finite element analysis, and Fenghai harbor engineering computation system. Its services include, but not limited to, the following contents:

                Ocean environment numerical simulation and relevant theoretical analysis in estuarine or coastal zone

                Coastal engineering environmental simulation and statistical analysis

                Theoretical and experimental study of coastal wave-structure interaction

                Research and development of new coastal structures

                Response analysis and vibration control technology for offshore structures

                Structural damage diagnosis, health monitoring and safety assessment technique

                Structural damage reinforcement and repairing technique for Ocean engineering

                Floating structure and mooring system coupled dynamic analysis technique

                Deepwater riser VIV analysis and vibration suppression technology

                Subsea pipeline dynamic analysis, leak detection and positioning technology

                Offshore windpower supporting structure design and analysis technique

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